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WhiteSwan Consulting Group, WCGCommitted to ‘Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness’ through its time tested 7 step Organizational Effectiveness Process, & unique innovative methodologies. wcg
neemschool WCG Foundation, Committed to creating a ‘VALUE REVOLUTION IN INDIA AND THE WORLD’ through its Neem Schools by Injecting Value Gene in the 3-15 year olds, and making them into ‘Value Multipliers’
WhiteSwan Education & Learning PLC, Committed to bringing the best ‘Value Based, Quality, Practical Education’ for a better World Order & higher Social Consciousness wel

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WhiteSwan Consulting Group, WCG

Instituted on 1st of March 2007continues to work tirelessly towards ‘enhancing Organizational Effectiveness’ and providing customized Training Solutions, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 360 degree Consulting & High Impact Projects,  Sustainable Development & High Impact Social Innovation Solutions (our Agri. Innovation rate the 2nd most extraordinary & People’s Choice Innovation in the world in 2017, by UN SDGs 3S Awards in New York).

WCG with SGS brings the most credible international ‘NGO Accreditation’, to India’

‘WCG has Partenered with SGS’ & brought world class NGO Accreditation to India’
ery pertinent now with the growing Indian CSR sector.

WCG Education & Learning PLC., WEL
WhiteSwan Education & Learning (WEL) is engaged in bringing with TISS-SVE (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, School of Vocational Education), ‘value based, practical & quality education’ that is aligned to the social and national needs of the country, through its world class faculty with experience in consulting & teaching in IITs & IIMs, with huge industry experience.

 Through WEL, we take forward our partnership in ‘Education & Skill Development’ with ‘TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS-SVE) School of Vocational Education, and take the Nations vision of ‘Skilling India’ forward!

Through this partnership, WhiteSwan also brings ‘High Value Training Programs’ for PSUs and Corporate…including Program on HR Analytics, Finishing School for Total Personality Grooming, Happiness Workshops, POSH & Gender Sensitivity Workshops.

WEL with TISS SVE also brings B.Vok & PGDM, and Short term skill enhancement courses mainly in Management.

WCG Foundation:
Fulfils the objective of providing a platform for WCGs social initiatives, like its ‘Value Education Initiative’ since the year 2010. Our social initiatives include advocacy and training interventions in the area of Value Education, including Personal Hygeine, Women & Child Health, Environment Sustainability through Garbage segregation & recycling, Skill Development  for urban slum women & children, and to reduce juvenile crime against women, in Delhi NCR, India & the world.

WCG is Honoured!


Ayush Nigam, has receive the UNSDGs 3S Award 2017, at New York. His innovation has been rated as one of the most extraordinary innovations of the world!

In 2016, Ayush Nigam has been rated as the TOP 10 INNOVATORS of the country, by IIM & TATA!

Ayush’s Agricultural Innovation is Doubling Farmers Profits, By reducing his costs by 40% and increasing yield by 25%. Apart from this,7% increase in Protein content of the grain, highly Pest resistant, increase in the organic content of the soil, plus arrest in 50% of total carbon emissions by rice cultivation, can be checked by use of this innovation. This will save the government a spend of about 75,000/- crores.

MISSION 2017 & Beyond: Our efforts are focused majorly on taking this agricultural innovation to every farmer in India to reduce his suffering while scaling-up the spread of this innovation as fast as possible to all parts of India and the World!

CSR Consulting & Some Current Projects:

All projects adhere to Section 135 & schedule 7 of Companies Act 2013.

MISSION since 2013 & Beyond: We are happy to report that ‘WhiteSwan’ has been successfully continuing its Mission since 2013, of Women Safety, Women Empowerment, through Regenerating Values & Gender Sensitization’.

Focus is primarily to create Workplaces that are more ‘Harmonious’ while working on increasing Trust between Genders through higher social consciousness’ using the Psycho-emotional techniques apart from other experiential learning methodologies.

MISSION 2010 & Beyond:  WhiteSwan Neem Schools for Value Education of Urban Slum Children, covering about 800 children & their families till date, to inject the value-gene in the 3-15 year olds to reduce juvenile crimes against women in Delhi NCR, India, . (since 82% of Delhi’s juvenile crime in absolute terms emanates from 13% slum population of Delhi). We run these ‘Neem Schools for Value Education’ through the model of volunteerism using experiential learning techniques, to inject the value gene in the new generations & create a multiplier effect.

To scale this effort, do register for our ‘International Seminar for Creating a Better World Order through Value Education’ with NSS IIT Delhi, on 20th of August, 2017.

WCG has also announced ‘WCG Social Impact Awards’ commencing 2017.

You can Participate, Present, Sponsor, Nominate yourself for the Social Impact Awards

Write to: dr.anjaliigam@wcgindia.org

About CEO

Dr Anjali Nigam, Ph.D Management, 27 years of rich training, consulting, university teaching & research experience in India & Europe. Awarded twice in 2017. Currently working on Values, Quantum Systems Approach for Gender Sensitivity, Organizational Effectiveness.

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