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WhiteSwan Neem School Documentary – 2016

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‘WhiteSwan Neem Schools’ sign an MOU with NSS IIT Delhi (National Social Service at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
MOU is for running Neem Schools for ‘Value Education of Urban Slum Children 3-15 year olds, around IIT Delhi, with students of IIT Delhi as Value initiators (volunteers).

WhiteSwan Neem School Organized its Annual Event at Central Park, Cannaught Place, New Delhi.

The program on ‘Value Education’ drew huge young crowds. More than a 1000 people attended the presentation of value based songs, dances, stroy telling and painting event. At the event we created:



Join in as volunteer today to create a better world minus juvenile crime, and encourage them to study and be value based human beings!

contact:  jigyasa@wcgindia.org, contactus@wcgindia.org

‘Value Education through our Neem Schools’, in slums across Delhi, Gurgaon / NCR and other metros, for urban slum children and school dropouts is WCGs focus since 2010. The focus is on injecting human and moral values in 3-15 year olds, developing good citizenship, facilitating personal hygiene and driving community service, as well as on creating ‘UNIVERSALLY CONSCIOUS CITIZENS’, for a fast inclusion into the society.

WhiteSwan Neem Schools are created with an objective to address the value gaps amongst the children (3years to 15 years) living in Urban Slums and children of construction workers who are vulnerable to acquire negative values and follow wrong path, since the value- gene is neither coming from their parents (due to daily fight for their sustenance) nor from government school teachers (moral science no longer taught in schools, even if it is, it is not graded, hence least interest!). The slum children therefore who are highly prone to mimicking the crimes they see on TV and mobile phones can turn into serious threats to the society. Hence, timely hand-holding and facilitating them in imbibing the right human and moral values will help them to choose positive direction in their formative years of life.

Hence there is a need for inculcating values among children at the very initial stage for equipping them with a thought process that is value driven. Also Value Education would help in reducing juvenile crimes to a substantial level in long term.

Neem schools impart Value education at their colonies with least infrastructure (under a Neem tree). Very simple and highly effective experiential learning methodology is followed which works on Multiple Intelligences (MI)i.e. one of world’s best teaching IB methodologies. CAS along with MI help us in addressing each child’s individual learning needs. The contents and methods are specially designed using existing behaviour and psychological models and frameworks. Since these classes are held in front of their parents, in the centre of the slum, under a ‘Neem Tree’ Knowledge, Skills and Values acquired by these slum children, are immediately transferred to their parents and other children in the colony. This way they start contributing as Value Multiplier from the beginning.

The ‘Neem School’model is primarily based on volunteerism. “Value Initiators’ as we call our Volunteers according to their availability and interest can pursue either mentorship or as volunteers for facilitating and coordinating the schools. Highly researched syllabus driving linkages between gaps in various values and resultant types of crime is developed and day wise Lesson Plans created for easy understanding and facilitation by our ‘Value Initiators’ (Volunteers).

These projects have been specifically developed keeping the corporate CSR in view, under Section 135 & Schedule 7 of New Companies Act 2013.


You can also book one-two Neem Schools in slums in Delhi/NCR, under your CSR head.

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Experience & Feedback of Our Value Initiators (interns / volunteers)

VARUNA SINGH Pursuing B.A. in Psychology from Vivekananda College Delhi University

My first experience at Neem School was a very memorable one. It was indeed a worthwhile experience. It feels so good to be helping out children with learning. It was great teaching them as it took me to my part when I was young and had started my school. “With Responsibility Comes Learning” is one thing that I experienced here. I also learnt that once committed to a project, there is nothing that can stand in your way towards success.
(In gentle way, you can shake the world.)

PRAGATI SINGH Pursuing MBA, from Dayalbagh University, Agra

Serving as a ‘Value Initiator’ of Neem Schools made me realize the actual need of imbibing values among the children. There is a different feeling when you are with those children and when they expect that you will teach them some very good things. They do not come to you for getting the basic education, instead they are very keen to learn those moral values that they are not able to get even from their parents. Working with Neem Schools also allows you to grow high in your career. Companies are in the need of those professionals who can help them out to take up those CSR projects which are aligned to their mission, vision and objectives. With Neem school you start thinking in that way. Personally you feel that you are becoming a responsible citizen. Professionally you skills are more enhanced that corporate are looking for. (You have two hands-one to help yourself and the second to help others)

RISHABH RAZDANB.A. program from PGDAV College, (DU)

In Neem School I had an excellent experience, good inductive environment, and good gains in terms of knowledge perspective & overall development. It also helped me know the reality of real India and it also motivated me to contribute for the development of our country to make it the best.
(Committed to motivating children through art, education and recreation)

BHUMIKA BATRA Pursuing B.com(H) for Daulat Ram College (DU)

My working experience at Neem School has been very enriching and remarkable. The working environment was very tactful benignant and gracious which provided ease of work. The best part was contribution towards the betterment of the society. Transforming children’s lives seeing smiles on their faces and knowing that we were the reason behind it gave me much more just happiness and satisfaction. The love and respect received from them provided peace to my soul.
(The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others)

MADHAV KUMAR Pursuing BMS from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (DU)

Working at WCG with Neem School project has been a wonderful experience for me. It is not just working for Moral Education of kids at slums but learning from them as well. The service of Education has always been considered to be a nobel profession and working as a part of it to impart moral values for the underprivileged has provided me with immense happiness, which one can only feel when you are greeted by those kids with a smile and welcoming us whole heartedly. We must learn one particular thing from them that is acceptance of anyone without presumed judgment.
(Serving is what I believe in and learning follows)

SHAILJA RAGHU Pursuing Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida

WCG Neem School project has given me platform to improve my skills and work under a flexible environment which always assisted the work which would help me in establishing my carrier opportunities. I am working here to empower myself as an individual thereby contributing to the society.
(I would prefer to be the dream of others than to chase my own dreams)

About CEO

Dr Anjali Nigam, Ph.D Management, 27 years of rich training, consulting, university teaching & research experience in India & Europe. Awarded twice in 2017. Currently working on Values, Quantum Systems Approach for Gender Sensitivity, Organizational Effectiveness.

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