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WCG is committed to its Mission of creating Safer & more Gender Sensitive Workplaces for Women. While keeping its focus on ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women’, it is facilitating both genders in moving towards a more Gender Neutral Social System. For this, WCG uses its home grown psycho-emotional tools, that help women, in situations of harassment, & help in differentiating between logic and emotions and also helping both genders in striking the basic chord of ‘Respect for each other

WCG therefore, is consciously taking the Governments’ Mandate forward while aligning its corporate goals with the National & Social Goals.

At WCG we take it as our Social responsibility, to educate all corporate, NGOs, PSUs and Institutes, in the Law, while keeping the spirit of the law intact. We majorly focus on ‘Preventive & Prohibitive Strategies’ and also facilitate corporate in implementing ‘Industry Benchmarks’, for creating safer and more gender sensitive workplaces.

We have therefore created a highly researched and comprehensive capsule, after understanding the internal working and challenges faced by more than 70 organizations with respect to sexual harassment. Trained more than 2500 heads this year, between Jan. – April 2016 itself.

Workshops are focussed at:

-ICC needs

-Top management needs

-all employee needs

-shop floor employees needs

We therefore have different workshops aligned to different target group needs with learner-centric and need based methodologies & time frame.

Average Feedback recorded of all Workshops: 4.3+ on a scale of 1-5


9th December 2013: The Act is made effective and it makes mandatory (Section 19C), for all companies to train their employees and Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members, & report the no. of employees covered & workshops conducted by them in this area.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“Sexual Harassment Act”) made effective on 9th Dec., 2013 by the Government of India (GOI). It is enacted to ensure a safe working environment for women. It provides for protection to women at their workplace from any form of sexual harassment and for redressal of any complaints they may have been lodged. The Act was formed on the basis of the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India, in its landmark judgement, Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan (where sexual harassment was first defined) but is much wider in scope now.

The Act includes guidelines making it mandatory for every employer to:

provide a mechanism to redress grievances pertaining to workplace sexual harassment
organize workshops at regular intervals sensitizing all employees on the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment
ensure harassment free environment for all customers in the premises of the company.

About CEO

Dr Anjali Nigam, Ph.D Management, 27 years of rich training, consulting, university teaching & research experience in India & Europe. Awarded twice in 2017. Currently working on Values, Quantum Systems Approach for Gender Sensitivity, Organizational Effectiveness.

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