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Reported Results of Multicultural, Gender Sensitivity Diversity & Inclusion Trainings:

Some Results of Multicultural & Diversity Interventions: high positive synergy between people of various regional cultures and diversities, has been reported by HR. To quote one organizational HR (world leaders in display technologies) not even a single case of harassment has reported even after one year of interventions (where earlier 40% of women complained of some or the other kind of sexual harassment)

In most organizations, HR has reported the environment to be much healthier after our training interventions. Employees understand and respect each other much more than before and respect diversities of gender, multi-cultural, region and, language. Director HR and Managers HR, both reported high effectiveness of interventions

Use of multicultural Prayers and Visualization leading to Brain-stilling is helping participants in ‘differentiating the right from wrong’, leading to lower cases of multicultural and ethnic harassments, and a steep fall in ‘false and malicious complaints of sexual harassment against men’ is observed by organizations, where we have intervened.

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Dr Anjali Nigam, Ph.D Management, 27 years of rich training, consulting, university teaching & research experience in India & Europe. Awarded twice in 2017. Currently working on Values, Quantum Systems Approach for Gender Sensitivity, Organizational Effectiveness.

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